What Does the American Civil War have to do with Beauty?

What makes a “revolution” or a “movement?” What makes people mobilize to make a radical and pervasive change in society?

Is it truly the idea of what they are fighting for? Is it great leadership?  What makes a revolution successful?

As I launch my own “revolution” of sorts with The Beauty Uprising it dawned on me to ask these questions to my friend Jason Collins, a prolific UK writer on American history and author of Famine to Freedom: The Irish in the American Civil War.

I anticipated his response to be complicated, and even prepared myself to feel mentally inadequate to understand the scope of his reply.

However, it was quite simple: Revolutions are fought for freedom, and a successful outcome of a revolution provides a platform for it.

Freedom. Boy did that resonate with me.  A feeling of wonderment came over me as I realized that The Beauty Uprising is also about freedom. But not freedom from powerful media corporations, airbrushed magazines, or unattainable expectations of what society deems as beautiful.

To assume we need to revolt against these powerhouses is acquiescing to the idea that they ultimately control our thoughts and behavior, and positions us in a dis-empowered place.

The Beauty Uprising is about freedom from our own limiting beliefs.

I’m not downplaying the powerful influence of media.

I’m up-playing the inherent power within each of us to consciously and intentionally create our own lives the way we want.

So what will it take?

  • A burning desire for change
  • A vision of living a completely different lifestyle
  • The belief that it is possible

That’s all you need to start.

To learn more about The Beauty Uprising and how you can begin your own transformation, click here.

What is the one, major limiting belief that constantly runs through your mind? What would happen if you broke free from that belief and never allowed it to be part of your life again? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below!


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  1. The Rose Within™
    5 years ago


    Your powerful observations I absolutely appreciate! I especially enjoyed this: “I’m not downplaying the powerful influence of media, I’m up-playing the inherent power within each of us to consciously and intentionally create our own lives the way we want.”
    Freedom is one of my personal values, as is originality and ingenuity. What a self-empowering way to begin – from the inside out – w/o negating what I see and w/o conforming to ‘other’ powerful influences and instead intentionally and consciously creating the lavish I intend to manifest! Reading your thoughts above inspires me! I imagine using my open-hearted acceptance, confident experience and wisdom to universally receive, embrace, celebrate and dance with this Body of LIGHT as is – one step at a time, and ……… from the inside out!

    I continue to be drawn to your unique way of expressing your experience and wisdom, and LOVE being a part of this fabulous, motivational and inspirational Revolution of Beauty!
    Seriously? I am so blessed!

    • The Rose Within™
      5 years ago

      ‘lavish life I intend to manifest’ ^^^

      • Kat Kim
        5 years ago

        Thanks so much for noticing that statement Shannon, I have to admit it was one of my favorites!! It’s true, we have so much power within each of us that we are capable of so many things! I’m SO happy to have you as part of this movement. You feel you are going to be a big component of it. **winkwink** I appreciate all your support and love Shannon!

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