Love Note to Self: I AM Ready

Since the launch of The Beauty Uprising 3 weeks ago, I’ve been experiencing a big shift in the way I’ve been going about business.  Prior to the launch, these were my dominant thoughts:

  • Is my logo good enough?
  • Will people like the way my website looks?
  • Am I ready for this?
  • Is the quality of my video good enough..  Is it centered in the right place on the sales page.. Is the sales page too long???

Blah. Blah. Blah.

What I realized is that these thoughts do not support the success of my business nor of The Beauty Uprising.  Sure, there’s a time and place for perfecting the above, but is it now?  No!  What’s important is getting my message out and sharing it with the world.

My biggest epiphany is that the above thoughts always came up when I wanted to move forward in a big way.  When I felt like stepping outside my comfort zone, these thoughts would creep up and take over my mind “safely” keeping me where I’m used to being.

Well, I knew that if I wanted to leap forward, I HAD TO GET OVER IT.  I had to get over all the little things, so I could focus on the BIG things.

And so I sit here, with all the power and freedom within me to choose my own thoughts, and therefore my own destiny.  Here is what I choose:

  • I am already on my path, and everything is unfolding perfectly.
  • The message that comes from my heart is connected to the Universe, and the Universe always knows the way.
  • I AM ready.

What about you?  I know you have big dreams.  What are your “go-to” thoughts that hold you back?  I challenge you to release them by writing what they are below!


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  1. Nichelle
    5 years ago

    My go to thought is age, why did I wait so long and it’s going to take to long.

    • KatKim
      5 years ago

      Thanks Nichelle!! What do you want to replace that thought with?

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