Are you jealous of that pretty girl?

A couple weeks ago I had the honor of speaking to the contestants of the Miss Seattle Organization.  I walked away from this presentation absolutely floored by how bright these young women were and how much they cared about doing something productive for our community.  I was not only floored–for the first time ever I actually wished that I could go back to my twenties!  I was truly inspired by their authenticity and beauty both on the inside and out.

It reminded me of my time in high school however, when I knew a girl that was also a pageant girl.  I didn’t want to admit it at the time, but she was absolutely beautiful as well.  BUT– I did not like her.  Every time I saw her I would pick out all of her flaws. I not only disliked how she looked, I disliked who she was as a person! Yes, I was totally jealous!

How could my two experiences differ so much?


The answer is simple:  What we see in other people is a true reflection of how we see ourselves.

I wasn’t able to see that young girl’s inner beauty, nor appreciate her outer beauty, because I absolutely hated myself at that time.  Not only was I self critical of my body and how I looked but I was not happy with who I was, and as a result I projected these thoughts and feelings onto her.

For all I know, that young girl was probably the nicest, most genuine girl ever!  She probably was!  However I would not have been able to see that in her because I was not able to see that in me.

So if you have ever feel jealousy, anger, frustration or irritation towards somebody, look inwards and ask yourself:

1) What is the quality that is making you feel this way?

2) When have you expressed these same qualities?

Then, be compassionate with yourself.

When you find the compassion for yourself first,  you will suddenly have more compassion for the other person.  These are the steps to transformation that will make the biggest difference in your life.  A jealous person is not a beautiful person.  However, a compassionate person is.

Transform With Me:

When have YOU ever felt jealous, frustrated or irritated with someone?  What was it that triggered this feeling in you?  Share your story with me below!

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